Does Pallets for Profit recycle wood pallets for people?
No. Pallets for Profit is not a pallet recycler. For more information on making money recycling wood pallets, buy the Pallets for Profit E-Book Course today!
When will I receive my Pallets For Profit E-Book Course in the mail?
Your e-book course is a digital download product! In exchange for your investment of the purchase price, you receive computer files that will be transfered from our main computer to yours. After your download, you can store and view these files as many times as you wish. There is no hard-back or paper-back version of this course or the free reports included and there is no physical software of the financial Excel spreadsheet.
How do I use my Pallets for Profit E-Book Course?
Your e-book course requires third-party programs to access and view it. Most likely, you will have these programs already installed on your computer. Otherwise, they can be downloaded below:

Adobe Acrobat is the industry-standard desktop PDF viewer
Microsoft Excel is software used for working with spreadsheets that comes with Microsoft Office
How do I get these files and what do I do when I download them onto my computer?
The Pallets for Profit E-Book Course includes the following 5 files:
- Pallets for Profit E-Book
- Bonus Report #1: Accounting 101 Made Even Easier
- Bonus Report #2: Finding the Perfect Pallet Recycler
- Bonus Report #3: Wood Pallets Resource Guide
- Micorosft Excel Financial Organizer Spreadsheet

After payment and download:
All files are zipped (compressed into one, single file to save space). Once this file has been downloaded to your computer, you will have to unzip it to access the files contained within it. Visit the Video Tutorials section for pointers on how to do this.
Some of the links on this site don't work! Who do I contact to fix this problem?
Thank you for caring about the navigation of this site! If you notice any links on this site that aren't working properly, contact us to report the broken link here.
I can't find the answer to my question on this page. How do I get more help?
Contact us using our online form or send an e-mail to: support@palletsforprofit.com